Friday, 25 December 2009

Travelling Through Time and Space

At times travelling can feel like moving though space and time which in reality you are when crossing multiple time zones. Travelling at night can be particularly surreal to the senses as well.

We travelled four hours by van to Heathrow, twenty hours by plane to Manila, then one hour local flight to the coast and finally arrived in our first destination of Pagudpud, where we found it to be flat, Do!

The area we explored was remote, secluded and beautiful. It had great potential for surf but only during typhoons in the summer. So we headed south and found an amazing point setup but far too windy. Eventually we ended up at the winter surf capital of San Juan and scored some fun beach and point waves. Unusual weather patterns has left the normally consistent west coast of Luzon, with a distinct lack of waves.

So we have headed over to Baler where Apocalypse Now was filmed. The surf here is a mixture of fun beaches and heavy, hollow reef breaks. The surf is starting to look good and the story we are looking for is coming together.

The people of the Philippines are the most friendly we have ever encountered and really laid back. It is really amazing scenery and Baler is a tropical paradise. Its a lot like Hawaii but with out the development.

More stories to come...

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