Monday, 7 December 2009


Colors of Coincidence is a monograph of Wolfgang Bloch's art, designed by David Carson and with text by Mike Stice. Expectations are always going to be high since David Carson and Wolfgang Bloch are two of the most influential creative's around.

Combining a simplistic approach and a sober palette Wolfgang Bloch has rose to be one of the most celebrated of surfing's artists. His imagination and uncanny eye for seeing waves in places most do has lead to him incorporating many media's into his paintings including wood, magazines or newspaper and even a cut in half surfboard. Bloch's artwork has captivated surfers and none surfers alike with his austere paintings that are imbued with the intensity of his Latin roots. The paintings are a culmination of his experiences as a surfer and artist combined with the unpretentious and rustic life of South America, which beget his life as an artist. Moving away from what typifies surf art; his raw and ethereal paintings can cause you to question, would I surf that?

The book contains personnel photographs by himself, some of his best paintings and his story as an artist brought to life in words by Mike Stice. From growing up in Ecuador to working as a graphic designer for some of the biggest surf companies the story follows Bloch's journey.

If you cannot afford your own collection of these paintings but would like to explore Bloch's life and works then this book will not disappoint and is much more that your average coffee table book.

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