Sunday, 27 December 2009

Surfing Baler, Philippines

We have been hanging out at the Little Girls Surfers Lodge in Baler for a week now. We have had some fun little waves on the beach and even a few barrels on the reef at the end of the bay. We are planning though to do an outer island trip, where there should be more swell and a great left point. Been spending a lot of time working on a story about the local surf scene here for Huck Magazine and have met some great people. The swell is going to pick up in a couple of days and should be pretty epic.

The proprietor of the Little Girls Surfers Lodge is Donnie, an expat American surfer who has moved out here to escape the crowds and commercialism of California. Naming his lodge after his cute Little girls, this really is a great place to stay and Donnie can hook you up with the info to get good waves. If you head this way check him out on Sabang Beach, just after the Bays Inn.

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