Monday, 22 April 2013

High Performance???

The surfing in these two videos really challenge what many people see as high-performance surfing. I like watching the ASP WCT events and have a fantasy surfer team, so I'm not against what you might call "mainstream surfing". I just find it really positive that their is so much variety in surfing, anything really does go these days. Riding waves in different ways is a good way to get into the surf more, surf different spots and keep your surfing fresh. It also would be boring if everybody surfed the same. When I watch guys like at Dane Reynolds, Alex Knost and other open minded free surfers, they not only have there own style but they also look like they are really enjoying surfing; no matter what kind of boards they ride.

Some stick in the mud kind of people will still think that surfing does and always should revolve around competitive shortboarding, and everyone one has their own perspective on what good surfing is. I just try not to take it too serious. I just like seeing impressive surfers doing impressive things.

The last few years I have become interested in body surfing because it is so simple and at the same time challenging. It's good way to get in the water in certain conditions or whenever I fancy a change. Due to this I am very much inspired by Mark Cunnigham and Mike Stewart. So,here is some "alternative" high performance surfing.

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