Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WCT Volcom Fiji Pro 2012

The 2012 WCT Fiji event is looking set to be pretty epic according to the forecast from;

Swell/Surf: Major, long period SSW swell fills in throughout the day, with a peak in surf over the afternoon and evening hours at Cloudbreak. As the swell peaks in the afternoon look for 15-20-25'+ faces at Cloudbreak with some larger sets at times.
Wind/Weather: Variable easterly trades through the day (varying from ENE/E/ESE), 6-10kts.

Swell/Surf: Very strong SW/SSW swell mix continues with an easing trend from Friday afternoon/evening with 12-18' occ 22-24' faces (Note: Restaurants will maintain good size and potentially come up from Friday).
Wind/Weather: Variable trades through the day, shifting from ENE in the morning toward E/ESE over the afternoon and mainly 10kts and below.

Swell/Surf: SW/SSW swell mix will gradually wind down, although surf remains solid with 8-12 occ. 15'+ faces and some larger leftover sets still showing at Cloudbreak in the morning.
Wind/Weather: Light/variable trades continue.

Swell/Surf: Reinforcing pulse of new SW/SSW swell moves in with more 8-12 occ. 15'+ faces, if the storm behaves as forecast in the next few days.
Wind/Weather: SE/ESE trades rebuilding 8-15kts.

The day 1 of the event was already pretty good:

And here is an example of what might be coming:

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