Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Surfboards are for kooks!!!

I've become really stoked on hand planning recently and had a nice session at a low tide river mouth wedge near where I live on Sunday morning. It just seems to simplify surfing so you can have a good time just catching a few waves and not get preoccupied by performance as we all do in one way or another. Bodysurfing is something that has always fascinated me since seeing footage of it in varoius films over the years then when a friend, Karl, told me he was making and surfing handplanes I had to give it ago. You can check out what Karl has been upto on his blog http://cloudsalt.blogspot.com/ or his wepage http://www.karlmackie.com/

My friend Chris and I are making some Cedar hand planes at the moment and can't wait to try them out. If you want check out some hand planes have a look at http://hand-plane.blogspot.com/ or http://www.brownfishhandplanes.com/.

You'll understand the title when you watch this video...

Sunday wasn't quite Hawaiian style but it had me stoked!

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