Friday, 19 February 2010

On Drift, Right Now

Even though this winter has been very cold, there have been some good days of surf. I managed to snag a good weekend of surf a couple of weeks ago – scoring a south coast reef on a chilly but sunny Saturday and a few fun ones at my local rivermouth here on the north coast on the Sunday. It proved the perfect chance to put my now Rhino wetsuit through its paces and there is an entry on the drift blog about it;

Then following on from the article I wrote about the effects of polyurethane on the environment, I have been looking into wood and polystyrene as materials for surfboards. I interviewed Mark Roberts from Glass Tiger about his EPS/wood hybrid construction before Christmas. I also interviewed Mark Dickenson of Planck Surfboards/Fluid Concept Surf shop in Scarborough and Rob Lions of Royal Surfboards in Newcastle. Originally, the three interviews were intended to provide the background to an article called 'Reusable's and Recyclables' about EPS and wood. But Rob's and Mark Dickenson's feedback about the experiences riding and making EPS/Epoxy surfboards were so in depth and provided so much food for thought that they merited there own article. Coffee Cups and Surfboards can be read on Drift @ and the innovative Glass Tiger Surfboards will feature in an article I hope to finish next week.


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